Monday, June 21, 2010

Stray dogs

Some dogs was not born with people.Their parents were probably in the wild or abandoned when they had their puppies.Same with cats but cats are alittle more fisty.Now let me give you some advise bloggers. When You find a lost dog or a cat that has been in no home:
1.first you kneel and put your fist out so the dog won't bite you talk to the dog and get it's attention make clcking sounds.
3.when it sniffs you and he growls then step back/but if it licks you you try to pet it.
4.then you get something to rap around its neck like a leash.
5.bring it to your house and see if there's anything wrong and the gender
warning:some dogs and cats have lice and diseases that can kill you so you should wear gloves

Animal Shelters

Animal shelters are trying their best to save animals.But some don't last when they get there.That's why I need you to keep an eye out for dogs or cats that need help and call animal control or me and I'll bring them to pet control if I can't do anything about it and I'll sell them to a home that they NEVER had before.PLEASE look for dogs or cats and we will be happy to hear from ya ok bye.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Searchthis is why we need your help

Abandoned Dog - Stray Dogs - Found Dog

Abandoned Dog - Stray Dogs - Found Dog


Hey this is faith I am I dog lover.and God is 2. LOL I never thought of a king liking a dog.Well he created a dog.Some people abuse dogs and beat them up.Picture a beautiful maltese it's groomed and very smart and poofy.But then the owner goes and abandons the dog now it's all beaten up and getting ready to go.That's why I want u guys to give in.I want u to send me a message in facebook Faith Devine with a pic of flowers.Gmail me or call me 704-814-9645 or 9802542165 or send me a pic and will take care of it c ya bye